Today, Mr. Simon Gornés, Councillor for the Environment, Biosphere Reserve, and Cooperation of the Island Council of Menorca, shares his experience visiting the Salinas de la Concepción.

The first impression, the first time I visited Las Salinas, it was truly a spectacular but neglected and abandoned place. Las Salinas were classified as heritage.

The project, to be honest, has surprised me a lot because, comparing it to the past, it's remarkable how it is today. All the ponds and Las Salinas have been restored, making it very interesting from a heritage perspective.

From an environmental standpoint, we can also see how, in some way, human intervention is being reversed on a protected territory. Here, the essence of the biosphere reserve is materialized.

It involves harmonizing the protection of the environmental surroundings with the coexistence of humanity on this territory in harmony.

 Simón Gornés