Salinas de la Concepción - A Glimpse into Sustainability in Menorca.

Today's post, you will have the opportunity to hear firsthand from Rebecca Morris, Director of Menorca Preservation, about her experience attending the inauguration of Salinas de la Concepción at Sal de Menorca last

This afternoon, we had the privilege of visiting the Salinas de la Concepción in full operation. It has been a wonderful experience. I came here two years ago, before the project even started, and they explained a bit about what they aimed to achieve.

Honestly, at that time, it already seemed incredible to me, but I think I didn't truly grasp the impact and the various dimensions involved in making it operational and active. And now, being able to understand how the Salinas will function, as well as the impact it has on the environment and all the work that has been done to consider that environmental contribution, not just to increase biodiversity, protect species, and create a wonderful space for migratory birds. In the end, the sum of it all is what we, at Menorca Preservation, always believe is necessary: these holistic collaborations to address so many different issues. And indeed, to strike that balance between human activity and the environment. I think this is a perfect example of how we can achieve it.

While exploring this captivating project, it is crucial to acknowledge the driving force behind Menorca Preservation, the dedicated Rebecca Morris. As the director, Rebecca has been instrumental in steering the organization towards impactful initiatives that significantly contribute to the conservation of Menorca's unique ecosystem.

Rebecca Morris - Director of Menorca Preservation