Today, Pep Pelfort from the Centre d'Estudis Gastronòmics Menorca shares his insights after visiting the Salinas de la Concepción and experiencing the Salt of Menorca.

From the very moment the project was explained to me years ago, it seemed like a utopia. However, it is one of those rare utopias I've witnessed become a reality. 

This project not only represents a historical recovery of a site that left its mark on Menorca's history; also, the presence of salt was indispensable for all the occupants who came to the island, but it also demonstrates something crucial: the capability of mankind to enhance the environment.

It is remarkable to witness how this infrastructure benefits birds and, ultimately, contributes to a healthier environment.

Furthermore, the end result, the obtained salt, is a unique and essential ingredient in our cuisine.

This salt, produced entirely naturally, is entirely different from industrial salt. It contains no clumping chemicals or toxic compounds, significantly enhancing the taste of food with a lower percentage of sodium chloride.

It's a small percentage with a significant impact, making it healthier.

Pep Pelfort, Centre d'Estudis Gastronòmics Menorca. Twitter: @CEGMenorca - @PepPelfortSola