The Salort d'Alaior family, owners of a vast estate since 1614, began salt production in 1853.

The first salt harvest took place in the summer of 1854. The name La Concepción probably comes from the proclamation by Pope Pius IX on 8 December 1854 of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (bull Ineffabilis Deus).

Archduke Luis Salvador in his book, Die Balearen in 1890-91 mentions the salt pans of La Conception. Production reached 194 quintals of salt, i.e. 8,148 kg of salt.

Production continued until 1984, bringing to an end one hundred and thirty years of uninterrupted operation, the longest industrial salt extraction trial ever undertaken on the island of Menorca.

In 2018, we resumed the harvesting of salt, in accordance with the strictest ecological and environmental principles in artisanal salt pans.

The La Conceptio salt mine is a Place of Community Interest (LIC, ES0000235), a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA, ES0000232) and is part of a Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI).