La Conception is a unique area for plants and birds.

On the coastal zone where the influence of the sea is strongest, the dominant plants are rushes and saltbushes. Here, the species are adapted to the wind and salinity, and there is a great abundance of endemic or rare species, both in the rocky areas (socarrell, torta del mar, margalideta, tomillo borde, etc.) and in the flooded and humid areas (salson revulledo, or Triglochin barrelieri, among others). In addition, in the submerged zone, communities of Alguero and Cymodocea nodosa appear.

The silicicolous marine plant to the south of the salt flats thrives largely on damp sandy substrates and favours the presence of Isoetes communities including small rare annual species (Solenopsis Laurenti, Lotus parviflorus, or Radiola linoides), and endemics such as tongues (Serapias nurrica).

The salt flats are a paradise for birds, precisely because of the presence of salt flats. It is an important wintering area for herons, flamingos, great cormorants, various species of ducks, such as the white duck, and many waders. The group of waders has a special place during the migration season, when they form the majority of the species that can be seen on the island. During the breeding season, the small black-legged passerine (gravelot) nests here.