At the end of September, Las Salinas de La Concepción were presented to various representatives of Menorcan society as well as to authorities and media on the island of Menorca.

During inaugural sessions held in Fornells on September 27th and 28th, Las Salinas de La Concepción presented their comprehensive rehabilitation project, marking a milestone for Menorca to resume salt production from this summer onwards, reviving a trade and tradition that had been lost.

During these events a diverse group of representatives from Minorcan society related to gastronomy, local products, culture, heritage, and the environment, as well as authorities and media, were invited.

The Best family, as the concessionaire of Ses Salines Nuevas de Fornells, along with the team composed with architect Dani Gutiérrez, civil engineer Guillermo Casas, and master salt worker Haddou Ichekhlaf, welcomed the attendees and guided them on-site, showcasing the meticulous work done to restore the activity.

Furthermore, They detailed the process of artisanal harvesting of fleur de sel and virgin sea salt, both productmarketed under the brand Salinas de La Concepción, Sal de Menorca. During the presentation, Laura Ruiz was announced as the new operation manager, and it was confirmed that starting from spring 2024, Las Salinas will be open to the general public with limited guided tours and prior reservation while respecting the conditions for preserving the natural environment and the operation of the activity itself.

This exciting project is contributing to the cultural and natural revival of the island, and we look forward to sharing more details soon.

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